About the Conference

Transforming STEM Pedagogy Through Active Learning will focus on how active learning within the classroom and inquiry-based pedagogies in the laboratory can be accomplished in all STEM disciplines.  Interactive, small-group workshops and breakout discussions will cover a range of topics to help you integrate specific practices into your classes and labs. We also invite guests to submit abstracts for a poster session that will provide an opportunity for conference participants to share their own pedagogical innovations and programs.  The conference will provide all attendees with the opportunity to connect, brainstorm, and create new materials that will allow them to creatively and collaboratively transform their current pedagogies.

In 2012, Southwestern University received a four-year grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) as part of a nationwide $50 million science education initiative. Since then, inquiry-based learning has been integrated into courses across all of our natural science departments (biology, chemistry, computer science, kinesiology, math, and physics) at both the introductory and upper levels.  Through the grant, we have the opportunity to host this conference in order to share our experiences and collaborate with others on active learning pedagogies.

The Inquiry Initiative will reimburse travel and cover hotel costs for one representative from the first twenty institutions to submit abstracts for the conference.  Additional representatives from your campus are welcome to attend, however, those individuals will be responsible for their travel and hotel expenses.  It is acceptable for representatives from the same campus to share a room or carpool, if they so choose.  The Inquiry Initiative will cover meals and conference activities for all attendees.